Breadman TR2500BC Stainless Steel Convection Breadmaker Review

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Breadman TR2500BC Stainless Steel Convection Breadmaker

Breadman TR2500BC Stainless Steel Convection Breadmaker

If you are looking for hot, homemade bread, you should definitely consider the Breadman TR2500BC Stainless Steel Convection Breadmaker. This machine bakes perfect horizontal loaves of bread and even offers the convection setting for faster, crispier crust.

You also get over 300 delicious recipes that are programmed right into the memory of this unit. You are able to make a whole variety of breads, jam, cake batter and pasta, bagel and pizza dough.

There is also the option of low carb and gluten free programs for the health conscious person.

Features – Benefits:
1. Bread machine is programmable to make up to a 2 lb. horizontal loaf of bread (1, 1 1/2 and 2 lb).
2. Comes with a convection bake feature for faster, crispier crust and 300 recipes.
3. Make a variety of breads, cake batter and jam. Low carb and gluten free options available as well as the ability to make bagel, pasta and pizza dough.
4. Includes a 24 hr. delay bake timer and a nut, herb and fruit add in dispenser.

Product Details:

1. The unit shipping dimensions are 17 by 10 by 13 in., has a shipping weight of 21 lbs., and has 312 customer reviews and a 3 1/2 star rating on Amazon.

Final Analysis:

Upsides: Breadman TR2500BC includes recipes which are great. You have the option of rest cycles and extended rise as you need it which is great. It has the programmable cycles as well which is also a good feature of this machine.

So far there has been no worry of the bread pan jumping out and your bread comes out perfect every time. You are also able to add fiber which is not very common in gluten free mixes and breads.

Downsides: The Breadman TR2500BC Stainless Steel Convection Breadmaker is a bit loud when in the kneading phase, however, it is not a very long phase at all. The timer setting works fine, but you do end up with the paddle inside the loaf when done. The good thing though is it is extremely nonstick so it is easily removed.

This is not a big deal, but it would be nice to pause the bake cycle so you can remove the paddle before it is cooked in. Other than this, the machine works great.

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