Emerilware OW5005001 Bread & Baguette Maker Review

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Emerilware OW5005001 Bread & Baguette Maker

Emerilware OW5005001 Bread & Baguette Maker

Introducing the Emerilware OW5005001 Bread & Baguette Maker. This machine is capable of making a huge 3 lb. family size loaf of bread. It comes with a nonstick pan and patented Baguette tray that is great for mini baguette making.

It includes 14 settings that are preprogrammed and 3 crust settings. You also get a 15 hr delay timer and express cycle that bakes your bread in 1.5 hours or less. You even get some fantastic Emeril bread recipes included.

Features – Benefits:

1. Comes with the ability to make 2, 2 1/2 and 3 lb. loaves.
2. Includes 14 settings that are preprogrammed to make a variety of bread, dough, pasta, jam and cake.
3. Includes 3 crust settings, auto shut off, keep warm feature, 15 hr timer and touch pad controls.
4. Comes with baguette trays, nonstick loaf pan, finishing blade, bakers brush and recipes.

Product Details:

1. The dimensions for shipping of this bread maker are 23 by 14 by 8 in., weighs 19 lbs packaged and comes with 58 customer reviews and a 4 star rating on Amazon.

Final Analysis:

Upsides: This machine comes with two paddles which really makes a big difference when trying to knead dough. It is fairly large but it stays in place on your counter and is quiet. This machine does everything it says it does. The two paddles are really powerful and do a great job kneading the dough.

It is easy to use this bread maker and the variety of options it has is really helpful. You can even make a huge 3 lb. loaf of bread which is not that common with other machines. The recipes are really good that come with this product and this unit seems to have the most options when compared with other units.

Downsides: You might have to run a plastic knife or spatula around the pan to get the loaf out. Although most of the recipes are really good, the pizza dough recipe does come out a bit dry. However, by simply adding a 1/2 cup of water, that seems to take care of the problem. It is too bad that it only comes in white and that there is no way to know when it is about to stop kneading so you can add more ingredients if you want.

The paddles will leave holes in the bread, however, this is not uncommon with any bread maker. Other than these minor complaints, the Emerilware OW5005001 Bread & Baguette Maker is wonderful.

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